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Do I Take This Job?

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abbeylee90 | 07:24 Mon 19th Feb 2024 | Jobs & Education
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It's a job as a cleaner in selco I been offered 10 hours per week 3 hours a day 



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Does it fit round your other jobs?

Do you want to do it?


Question Author

Yes it could and not sure it would be temp 

Which days?

How long is the journey to the job?  Three hours a day is not very long.  It may take as long to get there.

I thought you had other interviews to go to.

Question Author

5 days I can choose and like 25 mins. On Thursday I got HB and didn't get one I went to last Thursday 

Your hours figures don't add up again. 10 hours pw over 5 days is 2 hrs a day.

You need to focus on what you  really want. You still seem to be thrutching around in different directions- cleaning, laundry, fork lift truck driver, warehouse, Home Bargains.

I see's 3 days but you can choose which days. We'll can you fit it in with the laundry on Monday to Wednesday? That would leave Thursday to Saturday free for something else.

Was it the warehouse job you got turned down for. Are you still doing the fork lift truck course?

Abbey, can you be bothered faffing around with another part-time  job, spread  over days, in a role that you've not made a success of recently?  





don't understand how this can be flexible - surely they want the cleaning done on specific days/times?

I dont understand how 10 hours can be spread out as 3 hours a day. That means more than3 days but less than 4.

Question Author

Yes hopefully I will be when they get back to me tbh I'm not 100% with my cold and warehouse is the path I really want to take

Abbey, if you're set on a warehouse job and you're set on getting a forklift  licence, why would you start another short-term job that you probably won't like (and might struggle with)? I think you spent most of 2023 lurching from one poor job to another, never actually getting anywhere. 

//Yes hopefully I will be when they get back to me tbh I'm not 100% with my cold and warehouse is the path I really want to take//

Who was that in reply to please abbey? You sometimes answer several questions in one unpunctuated sentence which makes your posts very difficult to follow.

Question Author


Abbey, just put the name of the person to whom you are replying at the beginning of your reply - makes it easier to follow.
I think you should give this latest job offer a miss - you didn't previously get on too well with cleaning jobs.

Abbey do you intend to take any of the advice that is offered to you in respect to your question?

Question Author

I've taken your advice and turned it down 

Methinks abbey is taking her fork-lift training course today,helen,so i will come later today to ask her how she got on.

"will come BACK later"...Freudian slip there.

Question Author

Even if I unemployed would it have been best to turn it down?

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Do I Take This Job?

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