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What Shall I Do?

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abbeylee90 | 15:35 Thu 04th Jan 2024 | Jobs & Education
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On Thursday and Fridays I'm sick of going round town all day been applying for loads of full time but no success yet. Need one ASAP but don't know what else to do 



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Have you left the cleaning/laundry job?

Have you registered with all the agencies?

it doesnt matter that you are sick of it - keep going

Are you going round town shopping or job hunting?

Have you registered with the job centre, sought professional help with your 'alleged' condition?

If I was in your shoes I would seek medical advice and get a proper opinion on what is going on - then I would go to the job centre / careers advisor and see what they can do to help you.

What full-time jobs have you applied for, Abbey?  It's never a good time of year to go job-hunting.

You really should stick with what you've got for now. It's admirable that you are making an effort to job search, but with all the chopping and changing you've done recently, many employers will not touch you with a ten foot barge pole. You'll just be stuck in the same cycle. Is tgat what you want.

Listen to the advice you've received here...please get a proper medical  diagnosis...then see an employment advisor. Then you might get a job that's actually right for you 

I advised Abbey to do that months ago, but she obviously didn't bother.  You ask for a lot of advice Abbey, but don't take it.  We understand you have problems but they can be overcome.  I know quite a few young people who have problems and have been given help.  One now has been working in a restaurant for over 15 years and has learned a lot about the trade and another young man who is now employed in a factory as their chief machine maintenance enginèer.  There's a lot of work available, so do take RedHelen's advice as soon as possible.  It's your best bet.


Perhaps talk to Mum and Dad about it.

it's not a quick fix though.  Where i live the autism diagnosis pathway averages about 2.5 years from referal to diagnosis, thats for children.  Adults i believe are not seen as a priority

My friend just went through it in Wales and it took 3 months - she has received all sorts of help and support from everywhere even advice about working part time and claiming benefits

Bednobs its not a quick fix but lets face it - this has been going on for over a year on here!

Bednobs  I believe Abbey said she had had  a diagnosis of dispraxia.


that is correct lottie at 5 years old

Abbey, is there a job that you would really like to do?  Something you really fancy doing?

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I haven't left the laundry job.

I am registered with agencies.

Careers advisors I didn't find last one useful didn't respond to my email.

3 days a week is not enough and I'm going round town Thursday and Friday  

Abbey, Naomi asked you something that I - and others - have asked before... is there a job, a line of work that you would really like to do? I think the only thing you mentioned was being a dog walker, but that's not really an option right now (self-employment, with all that involves, plus you said you;d need to be able to drive). Is there anything else that you'd be willing to work towards, something with some prospects?

^ going round town doing what, Abbey?

Please get yourself medically accessed. If it helps explain why you you obviously may then be able to find a job that you're suited to. I bet you've not told any agencies about your diagnosis as a child. I'm not sure dyspraxia goes's still a part of you. Just do it!

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Looking for jobs. No pasta I haven't or jobs I don't even think about it at the time.

Like salon assistant, work in small shops, warehouse, factory I think I'd enjoy things like that.

Abbey, please please consider seriously following the advice of Redhelen and Pastafreak - two very wise heads.

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