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Should I Take The Position In Manchester Or Not?

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Empowerer | 13:14 Sun 13th Aug 2023 | Jobs & Education
7 Answers
Hi There,
I have a conundrum that I would like your assistance with.
I have been offered a locum position as a conveyancing lawyer in Manchester starting at the beginning of September.
The position is office based and involves working with a case management system and doing my own typing. I am not a very fast typist and much prefer to dictate my work as I am doing in my current position which ends at the end of August.
The position in Manchester is in an open plan office (I much prefer to have my own room as I am easily distracted) and the caseload will be heavy.
My fear is that if I take the position In Manchester I will not be able to keep up with the pace and my contract will be terminated after a few weeks.
The alternative is to wait for a more suitable position to turn up and go with that. (There is always a risk that a suitable position will not turn up.)
I should add that my financial position is not great and I could really not afford more than a month not working.
Basically my options are a) Do I take the unsuitable job in Manchester and earn at least a couple of weeks more money with the real risk that it doesn’t work out and is terminated after a few weeks or do I finish my current position, take a few weeks’ holiday come back refreshed and then look for a more suitable job with a lighter caseload where I can dictate my caseload and where I would certainly be happier ?
Should I take the position in Manchester or not?



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I don’t know the likelihood of you securing another position so my gut tells me to take the Manchester offer and get your head down.

The more you type the faster you will become. Pop sone headphones on to avoid distractions in the office - no need to play anything through them but if you wish to make it very light classical.

Do your best, work hard and then look for another position while you are earning and improving your CV.
Go on a touch typing course.

The job is temporary, the workload heavy, and you feel that you will be easily distracted if not in your own office. You also describe the job as "unsuitable "

If you feel you would 'certainly be happier' elsewhere then don't take it - we work enough hours in our lives without enduring a job that makes us unhappy. If it comes to it take a temporary menial job in the interim to keep some money coming in and wait for the right one to come along.
How far away is Manchester from you? What's the commute like?
Maybe Abbeylee could advise you.
I would say it is better to be earning than not. Take the Manchester Job and try to adapt to it, if you take it seriously and knuckle down you may get used to it, or take to it. And if it is not right you can earn, and look for another position.

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Should I Take The Position In Manchester Or Not?

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