Crb Check - Who Gets Update??

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Smowball | 16:04 Wed 04th Aug 2021 | Jobs & Education
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I’ve been offered a job and am just awaiting the result of my CRB check. Company insist updates come to my email address and not them - Mr Smow insists they go to the company, otherwise I could be making the result up. He’s just taken on 6 new staff and did CRB checks on all of them, and said all updates/results came to him. I’ve not received a thing but they’re still insisting it comes to me. Any idea how I can check?


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You mean DBS. What do you mean by updates? Do you have one already? If so you can see online whose viewed it
I expect the Company has reservations about its Internet Security, so puts the onus on you to prevent it leaking in contravention of GDPR.
mine came to me
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I’ve not received a thing since they sent it off a few weeks ago.
Its your DBS , its portable. You get it but they can request access to it online
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Oh, they said CRB, I assume it’s now DBS. So can I access mine online then?
if you apply online, yes
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No I didn’t apply online - I filled in the forms and took them back to the company.

here we are

Where will my DBS certificate be sent?
Standard DBS or Enhanced DBS certificates are posted to the applicant's current home address (as was entered on the DBS application form) directly from the DBS. ... The Primary Application Manager for your DBS account will receive a "result" notification email each time a Standard DBS or Enhanced DBS certificate is issued.
i imagine the is some GDPR and human rights jiggery pokery
and allows you to keep the DBS with in house ( pun intended ) and withdraw your application
if ya dont like it
The DBS will come to you by email or post and you show it to the company, but keep it as it’s private. Should it come back with something you do not wish to disclose, you simply withdraw your application for the job and no one but you gets to see it.

The process is likely to be slower at the moment with the backlogs from lockdown and Pingdemic but might be time to chase it.
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Ahhh ok everyone. Well hopefully they will hear something soon x
um and thank you to all who contributed
Exciting. What is the job?
Yes, mine came to me.

It was for a job in a Bank, nothing exciting.
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It’s working for a care home but as one of their care in the community home carers, so visiting individual clients in their own homes. Am in middle of doing all the online training modules x
Cool. Not something I could do.

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Crb Check - Who Gets Update??

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