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Benefits For The Under-25's

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AB Editor | 15:26 Wed 04th Jul 2012 | Jobs & Education
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  • Yes, of course! - 84 votes
  • 46%
  • No, under-25's shouldn't be eligible for any benefits at all. - 58 votes
  • 32%
  • No, but other benefits are fine. - 42 votes
  • 23%

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In my day you could walk in and out of jobs when you left school .I was a baby boomer ..we had it good .
Youngsters these days are encouraged to go to Uni ,get a degree and then end up owing thousands and a degree isn't always a guarantee of a job .For those less academically inclined where are the apprenticeships that used to guarantee a job.
I live in one of the worst areas for unemployment .You see two or three jobs advertised if that ,each week in our local paper .
Plenty of seasonal work but then people have to sign on again in the winter because the work is just not there .
Instead of penalising people the government should be sorting out these tax dodgers and the obscene bonus payments some of these high flying paper shufflers get and plough a bit more dosh into regenerating some industry in this country to give young people a chance .
I'm no welfare expert so don't feel knowledgeable enough to say whether one specific benefit should be available or whether other benefits cover anyway. But it is fair to say that everyone needs a home so I don't believe one should exclude 24 year olds on age grounds from help that they need. Of course safeguards should be in to ensure no one is abusing the system, but the safety net should exist.
Haha charity!! Tell them thank you very much!! ;0> xxx
Don't worry tinks, you will soon be earning a wage.
Tinks if no one employs you then they are missing out on a diamond! Chin up, im trying to find some night work to fit in with our family dinamics but finding it nigh on impossible!
Just a waiting game guys!

Just wanted to make the point that if needed i think i FULLY deserve benefits. I dont like getting them, but i deserve what i get at present and im gratefull...x
This question is loaded, isn't it? How can you possibly tell for each individual case. Everyone is different and have different needs and circumstances. I have never had any trouble getting a job and never had to claim benefits (except my retirement pension). However I have watched the young people in the street where I used to live (I've just moved) and seen their desperation trying to get work of any description. I used to give them jobs (cut the lawn for £5) but what is that compared with what they needed to live. It is a wonder some of them are not on the brink of starvation, especially if they have no family support. I feel sorry for them. I know there are others who know how to milk the system but there are plenty of genuine people about too.
I'm with Tinks on this. I'm 21 and had to sign on last year after finishing college, I was, however, incredibly lucky to find a job after 6 months. I hate it when people tar my whole generation with the same brush. Fair enough there are some junkie layabouts with no intention of getting a job but they have haven't just popped up in the last few years!!

With the economy as it is at the moment, permanent jobs are very hard to come by. The redundancy scenarios that some of you have already mentioned aren't even an option round here because all you can get is temporary contracts! What would happen if you were unable to get another job after your temporary contract runs out?

This whole topic of young folk and benefits just really gets my goat!! :|
My choice was A - any adult in need of benefits should have access to them regardless of age.
I find it interesting that AB's small contingent of fascists haven't added their views (yet?)

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Benefits For The Under-25's

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