should i stay in work or quit to go to college?

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adampember | 21:06 Sun 01st Jul 2012 | Jobs & Education
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Im currently working full time in a minimum wage job, i don't really mind the job. i take home around £200 a week. Im 20 and living with parents, would the best option be to stay in work as times are tough at the moment and its hard to get into a full time permanent job. or should i quit, go to college to get qualifications to potentially get a better job within a couple of years, although its not guaranteed to happen? What would you do and what's the best option? Thanks


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Could you go to college in the evenings and still keep your income?
how will you afford to got o college?
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I have enough saved up to pay for a college course and i havnt got any major payments to make at the moment as Im living with parents
I always think it is easier to get a job when you already have one. What sort of course are you looking at and could you do it at night school or online and still be earning and contributing to your keep?
I'm not sure how you expect strangers to give you any advice on this that's going to be beneficial at the best of times, seeing as it's a totally personal decision, but given the total lack of relevant information all we can do is throw guesses about.

you've not said anything about.....Is the current job you have in an area you want to work in? can you see yourself progressing in the job and making a career of it? what sort of collage course do you want to do? what sort of career do you expect to get out the end of it?
Go to college. The best time to learn is while you are still young.
As others have said, it is difficult to advise you without knowing a lot more about you, your present job and what you would like to do at College.
However, in this economic situation, I think if I had a job I would hold on to it.
I would stay in work but look for evening classes or go to the Open University. There is no garantee that you will get a job once you leave collage.
While you are working you can look for a chance to 'move up the ladder' where you are now or look for a better job once you have some qualifications.
By the way, you might want to have a look at Engineering Giants, Jumbo-Jet Stripdown. It`s interesting and is still available on BBC iplayer.

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should i stay in work or quit to go to college?

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