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tinkerbell23 | 18:17 Sun 01st Jul 2012 | Jobs & Education
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Not sure if this helps anyone, seen it on facebook and thought id share

Sorry if its a pile of [email protected] xx


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No, it works, tinks - the nurses I've worked with in the past have been able to claim tax relief on their work tights and shoes. Your have to declare the amount you've spent to HMRC and they then allow you the tax relief on it. It's not much but it all helps.
^ and PS I all get allowance on my professional fees relevant to my NHS job.
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Oh good then, mabye it will help a few fellow ABERs xxx
surely this is more about self-employed people's tax allowances that employed health workers?
thanks though tink x
no, it's fine tinks. hcsw's and nurses/dr's are allowed tax relief on their union subscriptions, shoes, stockings and the cost of laundering uniform if it is done at home. the rcn and unison have much clearer info on this and provide you with the tax forms to fill out. i save around £150 a year for my costs....and really those two unions are the only one's worth their salt in protecting their workers. you can also claim tax rebates for previous years if you haven't already done it, but i can't remember how many. i will try to get the link.
No, not at all, cath. It doesn't just apply to healthcare workers - anyone whose employer is registered for this scheme with HMRC can apply for tax relief on purchases of clothing to do with their job.

In the NHS uniforms are provided, but not tights or shoes - in for instance freight hauliers, if there is a uniform of trousers and tops, the men still have to buy their own toetector boots and can claim relief on the purchase as long as it's only for work use. OH has done it in the past, he only can't do it at the moment because his company hasn't declared to HRMC that they don't provide uniform boots for their employees.

both these explain the ins and outs of claiming......make sure you use these unions - they are a life saver if you get into a pickle at work x
Heathcare assistants can join the RCN now, too.
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Thanks for the links ill have a look!!

Hopefully mines will save anyone a few quid then xxx
I dont have to wear a uniform in my new job, im loving it!!
How's it going, ratter?

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