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johnislania8 | 15:15 Sun 18th May 2008 | Insurance
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Posted: 2008-05-18 15:24
Hello all,

A few months back i had a car crash which was my fault, luckily wasn't too serious. Anyways one of the passengers in the car got injured (slight whiplash) and i heard from a friend that the passenger may claim compensation. I was wondering if anyone knew how this would affect me if at all?



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If the claim is successful you will either have to pay it from your own pocket or your insurers will pay out for you.

If they do so it may effect any No Claims Bonus you may have.
Yep, your passenger can claim off your insurance - so long as your insurers were happy to pay your claim (ie you weren't drunk, etc), then they should pay your passenger.

Basic whippy isn't a massive amount of compensation, but any personal injury claim will increase your premium more next year than if it was a straight forward accident.
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cheers guys, answers very much appreciated.

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Car Crash Compensation

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