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stanbesida | 13:14 Sun 16th Jun 2019 | Insurance
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I have received a letter from the above company and they have claimed that they will be taking over my insurance policy from the 1st June 2019 and I am wondering whether anybody knows anything about this company and whether I should agree to let them take over my policy?


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Ideally contact your current provider and ask them to elucidate.
I don't know anything about them but I'd guess it will be similar to when pension companies score big bucks out of selling business on.

Some spivs make a wee killing and everything seems to move along as before.
Just looked at trust pilot, they got mainly good reviews, but on the review centre site they were awful. Neither had any posts going back very far, so maybe a call to your current insurers to see what guarntees they have been given for their customers.
They are just brokers and, if your dates are correct, they have already taken over management of your policy. Your car is still insured with the same company ; it just means your renewal reminder will come from Academy instead of your former broker and, if you are unlucky enough to have to make a claim, they are the people you will have to deal with.
Incidentally, I'd be surprised if your former brokers are still in business - Academy will have bought them out ie, bought their customer database. This happened to a former schoolfriend of mine - he had his own broker company and when he wanted to retire he sold it to one of the big companies.
Just switch at next renewal
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Many thanks for all your answers.
Every time house or car insurance is due, I do a search and normally find a cheaper quote, ring current insurers and they meet the quote I've found or else I change provider. Just about to do the same with our gas and electric supplier.

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Academy Insurance Services Ltd

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