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BradleyGas | 19:09 Mon 27th Oct 2014 | Insurance
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I'm in the process of selling my late mother's house. It is scheduled to complete on Friday. However, the insurance ceases on Wednesday.

I am hopeful the existing insurer will agree to a short extension. If not, can anyone recommend who I can approach for what is likely to be a very short period of insurance.


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Possibly a useful starting point:

If it was me though, I'd probably take the risk of leaving it uninsured. (I lived he for 23 years without insurance, so I'd be prepared to risk a few days for another property!).
If you're not happy to risk being uninsurance for a couple of days then ring the insurance company and ask if you can extend it for two days.
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Thanks Buenchico and Maydup, that's useful. I definitely want in insured, I don't want the risk of something going wrong in those 2 days and being clobbered. Hopefully the existing insurers will be helpful.
You could always try offering to make a contribution to the buyer's insurance cost provided they insure it early.

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