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Do Insurance Companies Have A "mug's" List?

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Fudiot | 16:17 Fri 03rd Oct 2014 | Insurance
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It does not seem to matter what type of insurance I am looking for, I always get quotes higher than other family members, neighbours and friends. As for my driving record, I have never had any points on my licence or even a parking ticket, despite spending most of my working life driving for a living. I passed car, motorcycle and Class1 HGV tests all at the first attempt.... and I have maximum NCB. I recently bought an old moped and the quote I received for a limited mileage policy worked out as costing more per mile for insurance than it would have done for petrol.... I feel as though either my name or address is on a "mug's" insurance database.


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What's your occupation? Insurance quotes are very dependant on jour job.
Wall Of Death rider perhaps?
Question Author
Retired.... but it was the same when I was working.
have you used the comparison sites? Do you have a high risk post code area!
Do you live in any of the areas mentioned in this link ?.
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I have 24hr CCTV recording of the entire perimeter of the house, which it's self alarmed, as is the garage, and yet family and friends who get cheaper insurance have none of those. I spend my money to protect what I have resulting in no claims. That is why I feel that I am on a "mugs list".
If there is nothing else stacked against you then I agree with the others, it's usually postcode related.
none of that will out weigh a dodgy post code. Please answer:
1) have you used the comparsison sites? If you just phoned a couple then you are not sampling the market.
2) do you live in a dodgy post code area? Al the security measures in the world will not make up for living in a high crime area.
There is no "mugs" list, all the quotes are based on quantifiable factors, we just need to find what it is that is effecting yours.
Strangely professional drivers seem to be subject to high premiums for car insurance. Put Taxi driver as an occupation and your personal car insurance will be increased by about 50%. My uncle was a delivery van driver all his life and found if he put van driver down as occupation the insurance was a lot higher than if he put down 'retail assistant '.
Then again putting' retired' seems to increase the premium as well. I assume it is because they think you can spend all day driving around while a working person can only drive when they are not at work.
I am semi retired and I found that putting my part time job as a kitchen assistant down as occupation gave lower premiums than saying I was retired.( even with Saga insurance that specialises in older drivers)

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Do Insurance Companies Have A "mug's" List?

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