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scoobydooby | 13:57 Sat 11th Aug 2007 | How it Works
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I keep getting emails from different companies telling me 'a friend/neighbour/relative has sent me a greetings card - along with a link. I'm also receiving lots of emails from different people with no subject heading but they have attachments. I haven't opened or linked into any but a worm and two viruses were found on my computer. Anyone know anything about these emails?


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The greetings card ones CAN be legit - but may not be. If you keep getting them you either have a friend with more money than sense or they are trojans/viruses.

Delete unread anything with an attachment from anyone you don't know. Even if you know them, be cautious.
I keet getting these as well (I1m on and I think the greetings cards are genuine (although not from a genuine person) but I`m not interested so just delete. I also get a lot of the others which often open because I delete the one next to it in mailbox.

Perhaps dzug could tell us how to delete a message without opening it - I have seen it explained but forgotten.
i opened the first one i got - and got a virus....
I have been getting loads of spam e-mails saying that I have picture from a friend, relative, neighbour etc.

These all take you to a web a site AND YOU GET A VIRUS FROM THE SITE.


Just delete the e-mails.

Do NOT reply to the e-mails, just delete them.
I told my son that I had been receiving lots of emails saying I had received a greetings card from a classmate/friend/family member and the latest is from a worshipper!. he looked on The Register (a computer news info type site) and they said that these emails contained a virus ( I think he said a trojan) which only a couple of anti virus software programs could deal with. best play safe and don't open them.
Yeah, I get them too. I just delete them
If you do not recognise the sender, delete.
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Dodgy Emails

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