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Will My Instructor Take Me Out Of His Diary?

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abbeylee90 | 20:13 Sun 03rd Mar 2024 | How it Works
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Is it normal for an instructor to kick a pupil of diary after missing one lesson. I got days mixed up and was when he was outside my house 



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Abbey, I have never known an instructor 'kick a pupil off diary' after missing one lesson, but I have no idea of your instructor's policy. When you apologised for getting last week wrong, did you ask when your next lesson would be? 

How many lessons have you had with this instructor?

You've missed more than one.

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No he normally messages every Sunday.

About 6

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Scorpio without cancelling no

Are you sure? And did you cancel too late for your instructor to fill your space?

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Scorpio no like a day before 

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Yes that was a day before so he hadn't come to my house and might have been able to fill my slot.

He did same as he had to go home as he had a burst pipe

If I were you, I'd text the instructor tomorrow and ask what - if anything - is happening about your next lesson. Your instructor's in a better position to tell you than the people on AB!

I thought you were stopping your lessons for a while until you get back on your feel financially.

Even cancelling the day before is going to upset him, as he is unlikely to get a replacement at such short notice.


You know what it is like to be short of money, imagine if he has a family to support and you keep cancelling or missing lessons - he is going to replace you with someone more reliable so he knows he has money coming in.

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This was the first occasion I've no showed for the lesson. He cancelled half hour before as he had to go home due to a burst pipe. 

Out of curiosity what could happen if you don't pay the missed lesson you're charge for ?

if he cares enough, he could take you to small claims court

You're doing it again. Changing the topic now to your driving. For goodness sake just get on the phone and ask for a lesson. I doubt whether he will  cross you off because he has a living to earn .

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This is relevant as question says 'will my instructor take me out of his diary'

If it's in the instructor's terms and conditions, he can possibly sue clients if they don't pay up... or he might just let every other instructor know. Would you think it right, fair, to see him lose an hour's income because you got it wrong?

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No course but don't know if he off this week or don't want to teach me anymore

Why can't you just ask what's happening about your lessons? A quick text should be all that's needed.

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Do instructors tell you if they don't want to teach you anymore

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Will My Instructor Take Me Out Of His Diary?

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