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How Does Ab Work?

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piggynose | 10:25 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | How it Works
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Is there a maximum amount of posts you can post in an hour or so? I ask cuz somebody who we think might be trolling posted 6 times??



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09.40 no!

It's even more interesting that this person has only posted 19 times in 4 years!

maybe I'm missing something here,๐Ÿค”

roy, now?  My opinions haven't changed.  I don't agree with everything that happens but it all has to be reported to the Editors and they make the final decision.  I just do the job to the best of my abiity and as fairly as I can.

piggynose, most of those 19 have been in the last couple of months- there was a similar spate of posts about relationships in December 2023 too. I can't see why it's trolling. Odd but not trolling

The person to who, piggy refers posted 6 different threads in the space of about a half hour in the early nhours of this morning. Weird. Unaware of this, i actually answered one of them๐Ÿ™ƒ

And i'm convinced i typed 'whom' and not 'who' - before the Grammar Police feel my collar.

It was the early hours to us, but not to someone in US

Those who know who the poster is need to report their suspicions to the editor. 

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How Does Ab Work?

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