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Lost Favourites

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NoseyNose | 02:16 Thu 08th Feb 2024 | How it Works
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I had a Bookmark Bar,with Favourites in it.I deleted one of them,but seem to have deleted all of the favourites.Can anyone suggest how to retrieve them.

If not I shall just have to enter them again,as and when I need them.



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what browser are you using? I'm on Firefox but it doesn't seem to have a "Delete everything" tab.

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Hello there jno,

I am using Google Chrome.

I only deleted one favourite,but they all seem to have gone.I have restored some(from my memory) but I suppose I shall just have to replace the others,as they come back to me?

I suspect that you've simply hidden the bookmarks toolbar. 

If you're using Edge (which is the only browser to call bookmarks 'favorites'), see here:

If you're using Chrome, see here:

hm, I've just tried Chrome and it only let me delete one at a time. There are other ABers who use Chrome more often and may be able to offer more help. Very aggravating when that sort of thing happens.

Question Author

Thanks jno,

I only deleted one favourite,but they all went.

I have replaced some,from my memory,and will replace more as I can remember them.

well, see if Buenchico's advice helps, he's darn good at this sort of thing

Question Author

Hello folks again,

I have now managed to reinstate(from memory) most of my favourites,I think more may emerge from my (old) brain,given time!LOL

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Lost Favourites

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