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Please Explain Kindles To Me Someone.

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ladybirder | 16:48 Tue 16th Jan 2024 | How it Works
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I have never had one and as far as I know never seen one.  Now I need one.  This is Toorak's fault re her post about, "A Little Life" with James Norton.

I bought the book.  It's about 2' thick in the timiest writing in a book I have ever seen.  So I decided to look on Amazon and there are so many I need your help in choosing one.  Whether I will ever use it again after ALLife, who knows.

I want one that is easy to use but has everything I am likely to need.  Price?  I guess I'll pay whatever I need to.  Help anyone?  Please.



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Do you read in bed LB. My Kindle is ages old but you can get more up to date ones that are backlit.

I wouldn't be without mine, and in theory you shouldnt need as  many physical books so reducing the sizo of your bookshelves but that has not worked for me yet as I just add new titles on my kindle not replace existing stocksπŸ˜‰

I was a little bit 'anti-' Kindle, Kobo, etc. and made no secret of the fact. Thank goodness Mrs JtH decided to ignore me!

She bought me the simplest one available and a voucher to go with it.

I am now on my second machine and have somewhere north of 800 books in it. 

I bought myself the second one a 'Paperwhite' as this has its' own backlight and so I can read it in bed without needing the bedside lamp on.

I take it everywhere much to the amusement of my family.

There is a 2022 version which seems to have a backlight as standard £84.99.



I have a paper white.  Love it.  I can read any time, day or night, adjust the print size to suit, take a vast library on holiday with me, and buy a new book whenever I like and wherever I am.  

I've had my kindle paperwhite since about 2012...its only getting close to full now.

You can get a relatively recent, refurbished one, on Amazon for £75...probably with more storage than mine. User Recommendationref=sr_1_3?crid=2602F2T5D70TH&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.axXdrUo_j5GVVXqrNbGnDJIzSOaA3tU-9pdBObN5_AOppz3BNX4V5qOBeYRo6hELianbAEqz36nh-B5XM9hFsDHjGR1KqWy0_llWeJHROx99gu5wtatLWl1YOF3G8md0iE0J57zS85zyFpVkLtEBFjjsqBItf0T65WBU_BRJhBlIgIn-TL_RgutZWcNoxOtx15lWUKO35-y1UxOgXz_cCqfQSSQH_2zWhy2T_CTzlck.KhNUNoGUmXXwbtL3ssAAsCQd9PSZF1KAxrIdYTzQPp4&dib_tag=se&keywords=kindle+e-reader&qid=1705420868&sprefix=Kindle+ereader%2Caps%2C148&sr=8-3

They are quite easy to use...if I can, so can anyone else. Benefits include cheap, 99p book deals, you can carry 100s of books with you, you can control screen brightness and font size and style. You can read outside on the brightest days...not possible with most phone or tablet screens. don't have to buy one. You can download the kindle app to your laptop, tablet, or even phone.

This is mine, I appreciate the larger screen than the basic one.

Perfect for reading in the dark, the battery lasts weeks if the WiFi is turned off.  Lots of free and cheap books available, too User Recommendationref=mp_s_a_1_4?adgrpid=52761429745&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.axXdrUo_j5GVVXqrNbGnDJIzSOaA3tU-9pdBObN5_AOppz3BNX4V5qOBeYRo6hELianbAEqz36nh-B5XM9hFsDHjGR1KqWy0_llWeJHROx99gu5wtatLWl1YOF3G8md0iE0J57zS85zyFpVkLtEBFjjsqBItf0T65WBU_BRJhBlIgIn-TL_RgutZWcNoxOtxPENyEOkNrcNtdYJCXlY4vg.2hKhmX2L6pHwANPylo5aw_al4JGpeuxBw7-5bCYTl7Y&dib_tag=se&hvadid=578500134458&hvdev=m&hvlocphy=1006564&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=2092273534540083949&hvtargid=kwd-297715898073&hydadcr=7586_2232381&keywords=kindle+e-reader&qid=1705421330&sr=8-4


I also have a Kobo, which you might prefer if you are anti-Amazon

Thinking about it, you don't need to buy a kindle.  You can read books on a kindle app on your phone, laptop or tablet.;adgrpid=48748813090&hvadid=259025959140&hvdev=t&hvlocphy=9046048&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=3370951382763243071&hvtargid=kwd-297715896633&hydadcr=5056_1722191&tag=googhydr-21&ref=pd_sl_1x8cpi56t_e
I hope this copies ok. If you just want a basic reader make sure you go for one with a back light. I said I did want one and that I preferred a book, but I was given one as a present. I wouldn't be without it now I pop it in my handbag whenever I go out

As Barry says, just download the kindle app. You don't need a kindle. I have a kindle Paperwhite but must admit I like the app on my tablet best.  The kindle is best for reading outside in the sun though.  Books can be synced onto both devices too.  





I'm on my second kindle, it's a paper white and I don't know how I managed with my old one. I've recently enlarged the script a bit, I can read in bed without bothering OH as I don't need a bedside lamp on, it's far easier to hold in bed than a book, in fact I can't remember the last time I read an actual book.

I received two books at Christmas but I doubt I'll read them, I may have to buy the kindle versions without letting in just so I can say I've read them.

I get an email from Amazon everyday telling me of the daily deal in kindle books, all are 99p, and whilst some are not worth 50p let alone 99p, there are some good reads that pop up too.

like JTH, I must have about 800 books on my Kindle so I'm never short of a book to read.

Youll never regret getting one ladybirder 

Along with the Daily Deal, there is also the monthly deal of hundreds of *mosty* 99p books.

I still read proper books but wouldn't be without my kindle.  

Love my kindles, but for reading only my paperwhite that n be a the effect f a normal printed page mine has hundreds of books on it but you have a mega amount  of cloud storage.  So I have loads more stored there.   When my eyes are tired I can increase the font size, change brightness, and compared to a normal tablet the  battery life alone makes them worth buying.   

This has reminded me to do just what I said.
I've downloaded Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson for 99p, the actual physical book has a price tag on it of £10.99

Also The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman, £5.99 on kindle, £9.99 printed on the book.

The Richard Osman books often seem to be on offer.

Recently bought 2 books I saw on BBC Between the Covers that I'd not have done if it were not for that program...They both went down to 99p shortly after the broadcast. 

Question Author

Thank you all for yor helpful replies.

Rosetta I don't read in bed. Rarely ever have. Never thought it could reduce the amount of books on my bookshelves.  Save a lot of dusting.

JtH I could do with Mrs JtH popping over to my place for a helping hand.  If I go buy one I think I have already settled on a Paperwhite.

Naomi, yes need to be able to enlarge the print and have it lit up. Paperwhite again.

Pasta I'd already seen that one on Amazon, looked good.  BUT download to my laptop.  Barry has also suggesteddoing that.  How do I do it please?

I didn't finish The Thursday Murder Club.  Awful book.  It was like reading something a ten year old had written.  I'm not surprised his books are often cut price.

LB, as has been said, as well as being able to adjust the font size you can also adjust the brightness of the screen.  I don't know anyone who has been disappointed with their paper white.

LB...via the Google play store, or put "kindle app" in the search bar on Amazon.

Naomi...that's why I've never been tempted by it. I always remember your hate for it πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š

The Kindle would be easier in handling LB, lighter and smaller  than a laptop. The battery life is good and easily recharged . I recharge via my laptop but OH uses a type of plug via the mains  

I haven't read this thread properly but I haven't seen anybody mention the fact that you can get library books and it doesn't even need to be your own library that you borrow them from. I have accounts with West Berks, Oxford, Reading, Wiltshire and Staffordshire libraries. You can reserve books and they email you when they're available and you usually get 3 weeks to read them, sometimes with an option to renew for a further period.

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