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Help Needed On Dating Postcards. ☺☺

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wolf63 | 00:03 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | How it Works
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I would like some help in trying to get more info on two postcards and a print that looks like it could be a page from a book (the bottom item).

I believe that the postcards are of Coal Boats from the 1920s. But that is the sum total of the information that I have worked out.



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I'm sure the bottom picture is an American navy ship. The man wearing a grass skirt is also wearing an American doughboy hat, worn by American sailors. In the top right corner there are flags flying and you can see the contrast between the sky and the sea. The man sitting on the left is in a Willis jeep, widely used by the American troops during world war two and afterwards.
I thought the bottom one was crossing the Equator. I have a photo of my brother dressed in similar attire when he was in the RN and crossed the Equator for the first time. He was baptised by "Neptune"
this is called internal dating
we havnt been that successful

my first taster was this:

which ( as a latinist caused gr excitement)
I missed the significance of LYCORI

Nesbit Parson and the other intellects didnt

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Help Needed On Dating Postcards. ☺☺

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