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bednobs | 21:53 Tue 24th May 2022 | How it Works
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hi, we are thinking ahead to my daughters secondary school. she has few challenges and having visited a few , her preferred choice is one not in catchment. we are looking at the possibility of perhaps moving into catchment.
since we moved in to the house, we have done some things that increase the value (added garden office got planning permission for an extension, paved the drive and added parking) but also the house is tatty where is was pristine when we moved in, dog chewed door way/wall, paint peeling , replace the fancy belfast sink, wooden tops kitchen with a more famiy friendy hard wearing one.
The place we are looking at is a cheaper area.
Is it worth "tarting up" cosmetically those sorts of things or can buyers see thru them. If it's worth tarting up, how much should i spend or should i ask the state agents?


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Bednobs, there is no guarantee your daughter will get into desired school.
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i know. i want to increase her chances
We have went on the market today, the agent advised us that these days buyers uually completely renovate so not to spend money. Just keep the place tidy and clean, ensure that none of the rooms have any clutter in them.
Too soon to know if they are right, but they are the experts.
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good luck ubasses
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I wouldn't bet on new owners renovating - some do, some may leave it for a while as they've just taken on a big enough responsibility already.

But yes, the obvious things like paint that isn't peeling, doorways not eaten by quadrupeds etc. You want the place to look as if it's been looked after. But I wouldn't go guessing at what sort of table the buyer might want, they can do that themselves.
Think its worth doing little bits of 'tidying up' work just to make it look well cared for but not worth spending thousands.
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thanks all
Kerb appeal - to get them to at least take a look & a nice garden will best help to sell a house.
But I would tidy up any obvious bits of tatty decor & declutter as much as possible. Even if you don't sell it will be worthwhile.
Pretty much as jno says, although it does depend on the property. In my road a tatty house still doesnt fetch as much as a tidy one, probably due to the size and the amount of work and expense bringing it up the spec.

Having said that its not worth doing extensions or new kitchens you simply wont get your money back. Splash of magnolia on the walls with clean white gloss (use the water based, dries quickly and better for the environment) will do wonders. Get shot of any zany colours that are difficult to paint over.

But again if it aint broke dont fix it.
I have said this on another post (but can't find it). A lady I know was selling her house and put in a new kitchen, bathroom and decorated the heap. After the sale she went to see the old house again and all her new stuff was in a skip. Everybody wants to put their own stamp on their things. Just tidy up and go ahead.

PS - think it is a very big step for the movement of your daughter's school as she will be only there for 5 years. And I am a believer that if a child has the brains it will do well in any school. That's my opinion tho.
//And I am a believer that if a child has the brains it will do well in any school//

Sadly that is not true.
for me it is true youngmabog - as I was educated in a full stream main school with an extreme hearing loss and fully depended on lip reading and no one to one experience for me but I got there in the end.

In the beginning in primary school there was an instance of my going to a deaf institution as the little lanyard I was wearing was named Joan instead of being Jenny and so I didn't answer to Joan. My parents were sent for to get me institutionalised when all realised the massive mistake of my life.
^^^ which could have been a massive mistake
Bednobs - speak to an estate agent as it really depends on the price point etc.
For example last year my MIL decided she was going to sell her house (apparently) so got an estate agent in and told her as her house needs a lot doing to (50plus grand) and would still fetch 400grand in its current state it is not worth doing it.
If however a couple of grand would improve the value - then of course its worth it.
Contact the experts x
Also given what Bednobs and her family have been through - I don't blame her for considering this course of action.
Good luck bednobs xx
I would replace the chewed door and freshen up paint..but leave kitchen fittings as the new owners may want to replace to suit their own taste.. declutter..ensure garden is tidy no rubbish lying around.. add a few planted pots to the door for kerb appeal..but don't spend much as new owners always have their own plans for change.I have bought and sold all around the UK..and find that as long as the property looks clean tidy and clutter free the rest is neither here nor there and does little to affect the price
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Thanks for the extra opinions/ thoughts. I mention challenges without being specific in what they are. Needless to say academic success whilst being important, for me takes a back seat to he happiness and emotional wellbeing. We I've 1 road away from one of the academically best schools in the area. But utstandngexam results ae not the be all and end all of school

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