Is There Anything I Can Put In A Binbag Of Old Food To Deter Rats & Foxes?

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joko | 19:42 Wed 18th May 2022 | How it Works
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I have a load of spolied food going rotten in my kitchen & binday is not until next tuesday, so wondering if anyone has any ideas of what i could add to the binbags to put rats & foxes off getting into them?

i live in a town so not many foxes, & theres no meat/fish in them, its all veggie food.

I need something i'm likely to already have at home.

Any smells they hate?

bleach? Pepper? chilli?

I have no wheely or plastic bins, & i cant take them anywhere else - I just need a deterrent.

Any Ideas?

Thanks :)


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Why don't you have a wheelie bin? (just asking).
Are you able to take it to your nearest household waste site?
An owl.
I thought everyone had access to wheelie bins.
We are vegetarian and we also have a compost bin. Our household waste is tiny compared with our neighbours, and none of it contains edible stuff. Foxes and crows have occasionally attacked our black bag, and now we put our old-fashioned bin outside with the bag inside. I always wondered what people do with chicken cacasses and meat refuse etc. I don't have any tips for fox repellent; sorry.
Could you have a compost bin? That would help with vegetable matter.
If you have to leave the bag outside as is, then simply put your first bag inside another bag and spray the second bag liberally with air freshener, then place that back inside another and knot it securely, and spray that as well.

That should do the trick.
Where do you live
I have a food waste bin which is collected every week and the recycling blue bags and general waste bags every fortnight
Put it in a bag, seal it and pop it in the freezer. Put it in the bin the night before the bin is emptied
joko said in the OP that they don't have a wheelie bin, hence my first question. Seems very strange.
Lots of households don't have wheelie bins.
Question Author
its a lot of food, due to a broken freezer

i'll try the spray, thanks andy.
Good God, barry! How big is your household? Where do you get all this refuse from? How often do they collect?
We put a half-full black bag out once a fortnight; we are a retired couple. Our next-door has two teen daughters and no husband, and she puts out two wheely-bins a week. I don't inderstand modern life.
I believe you can buy it here. France I was advised to buy lion dung.
It works on wild boar etc..
barry1010, they have no bin, BUT bi
bin day is next Tuesday ?
or do you think they have filled there bin but there is more?
(their bin)
Why not leave the bag in the broken freezer? Very odd that you don't have a food caddy but if you have to leave it outside I'd try and hang it on something well off the ground until bin day.
Am I over optimistic that foxes and such wouldn't go for veggie waste anyway?
For a while my neighbours dog forced itself through my hedge to leave me his droppings. I found chilli powder sprinkled my side deterred him- until the rain arrived and washed it away.
/lots of households don't have wheelie bins/

barry1010, don't take this the wrong way, but how do households without a bin get rid of their rubbish? Everybody round my way has a selection of wheelie bins.

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Is There Anything I Can Put In A Binbag Of Old Food To Deter Rats & Foxes?

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