Help Me Create A Theory About How Life Was Made

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QuestionsOfLife | 22:10 Wed 20th Jun 2018 | How it Works
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I was wondering if anyone could add on to this theory that I created a few minutes ago: What if life is created like a computer accept randomly like a extremely advanced computer that was created by random stuff colliding over amounts of time unsay-able by a human which created unlike-computer hardware that slowly reproduced itself in different ways?


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cash-who, I thought, albs....xx
22:17 Wed 20th Jun 2018
Nuts, that's what caused it, Nuts.......
whole hazlenut DT ? :-D
Ooh, where to start with that? Perhaps you should have thought about your theory for more than a few minutes before posting anything.
Sorry. Can’t understand what you’re saying, Quest.
Question Author
Am just a kid so I can't write good questions
cash-who, I thought, albs....xx
How old, Question?
Question Author
What if ?
Maybe the computer just creates probabilities and whatever arose, arose.
Who created this breeding computer ?
the question is whether, in the future, humans and computers can bonk to create life?

Men are just about able to bear up on Swedish uterine transplants.....computers and robots are a bit far-fetched at this time, hence my reasoning of 'Nuts'
OG, it was the Vorlons.
Remember to take your towel with you all the time.
My hitchhiking days are over.
Who knew Old_Geezer was Japanese?
OG - Douglas Adams will be mucho disappointed with that news.
Doug - very good !! (well, it made me lol)

OG isn't an OG cos he's only 42.
Albs, it's a bloody old age if you live in Edinburgh........
Ever seen The Matrix?
Alba... it was the Vorlons.
Love it, I'm a big B5 fan.

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Help Me Create A Theory About How Life Was Made

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