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shivvy | 23:20 Wed 20th Jun 2018 | How it Works
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Ok this might be a bit of a daft question, but . . . . .

Do solar lights need actual sun to charge or does any daylight do it? I presume the stronger the sun is the more quickly they charge.
I'm asking because I bought some small solar lights for the garden last week and they have been outside in the garden for approx 4 days but no sign of them lighting at night yet. The weather hasn't been good though - so do they need direct sun to charge and work?


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Did you remember to plug them in?
There may be a wee plastic tab at one end of the battery that you have to remove to make the circuit.
They work best from direct sunlight but still charge to a point on cloudy days.
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You are joking snags, right?!
Yes Douglas, I have removed the tabs.
They would have worked by now if they were going to, it only takes a day or two of normal daylight.

There is normally a very small switch on the solar part, have you checked it is set to on? They are normal set to off in the shops.
you can't plug them in at night when the sun's gone out, shivvy.
Are the batteries in the right way round then?
If they were cheap ones they may never work.
my cheap ones usually light up as soon as i take them out of the box in the gloomy office
Daylight is from the sun. You are correct that charging is fastest in direct sunlight. Something up if not sufficient in summer though. Check for switches inside and out. Some advise charging via charger before first use. Otherwise try new rechargeable batteries. Or return for refund or replacement (or advice).
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Yes, I had checked all your suggestions re switches, tabs, batteries etc thanks.
I contacted the shop and they said that they have had some probs with them - so I reckon mine must be faulty.
I didn't know they had batteries in them. Are there additional batteries as well as the solar batteries?
All they have inside is a set (2, 3 or 4)of rechargeable batteries which are recharged via a solar cell. light shines on the cell and is converted to electricity which is stored in the rechargeable batteries which then supply power to the LEDs in the dark.
....oh, it can be a good idea to remove the batteries occasionally (especially in Winter) and recharge them fully with a standard mains charger.
silly question but have you turned them on ,there is a switch underneath usually x
mally...yes, a bit silly because it's already been answered!
oops sorry missed it x

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