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Not Sure Where To Put This... Ovens!

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askyourgran | 22:18 Wed 08th Apr 2015 | How it Works
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When we bought our bungalow it had a nice fitted kitchen and the electric oven looks newish, it works well and it is clean but there is no instruction manual to tell me how to clean the inside top of the oven (which also has a grill element). The oven also has a double glass door and I'm at a loss how to get the door off to be able to clean in between the glass which is getting dusty and streaked. It is a Prima electric oven. What are the chances of anyone one here having one or at least knowing how I can tackle this?


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Go onto YouTube, everything's on there nowadays.
or thr prima website where you can download a manual
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Thanks I'll have a look.
Probably the best way to clean the top bit is to burn the dirt off, with the grill on full for a good while.

Perhaps do it on a day when you can ventilate the house well.
My oven is a different make but has a double glass door. There is a metal rail on top of the door which unclips, this allows the inner glass to be lifted up and removed.
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Inside the oven door there is a plastic sort of (bakelite?) frame but there seems to be no clips to undo to separate the glass. I've looked at manuals on line but have no luck downloading it. The bit I've seen doesn't refer to actually cleaning the oven. Hopkirk the oven is quite clean atm, my oven in the 'old' house had the grill element inside like this one but I could release the element and pull it down to clean the top of the oven, this one I'm not sure I can do that without electrocuting myself. It's not too bad at the moment but getting a bit peeved that I can't tackle it.
My inner oven door glass slides out upwards. Have you tried that?
You can download the manuals here:
The clips on my door are underneath the rail and I have to pull the rail sideways to remove it.
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Thanks hc I've found the manual for the oven and it tells me how to remove the oven door, alas not how to clean inside the glass or the top but at least if I take the door off it may be possible to use something flat to clean between the glass. There seems to be no way to remove the glass pane either sideways or upwards, but thank you all for your suggestions. I'll have a go at removing it again tomorrow.
My glass pane is screwed in.
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I couldn't see any screws on the frame holding the glass but there may be some lower down near the hinges. I'll have a look tomorrow, Thanks ummmm.
It's a pain in the back side to put back in. Easy enough to screw back in but I have to get the rubber back round the glass and just when you think you've done it one side will pop out. If it is screw in get someone else to help you....

I have a range style cooker with two ovens. The conventional one is so easy to keep clean. The fan assisted is double pane, double pain!
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lol double panes are a pain. I have found there are what looks like small bolts on the door, all we need now is a spanner or pliers small enough to get them undone. OH says he'll have a go when he's finished putting the undercoat on the newly plastered walls in the lounge..... Losing the will to live with all this DIY stuff.

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Not Sure Where To Put This... Ovens!

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