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silliemillie | 19:57 Wed 08th Apr 2015 | How it Works
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Have been looking at electric toothbrushes but notice some have a whitening feature and others don't.

How do these work then? Surely no toothbrush can actually whiten teeth?

I sort of understand that an electric toothbrush may take off more stains so makes teeth look whiter, but if that was the case why don't all of them say they whiten?


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"naturally whitens teeth by gently removing stains".....from Oral-B blurb.
So, does exactly what all (electric or manual) toothbrushes (with toothpaste) do.
It's all marketing hype, I'm afraid.
I agree, ginge.
I use an electric toothbrush all the time. My teeth do feel cleaner, but I certainly haven't noticed them getting any whiter.
maggie...I completely agree, I'd never go back to a non-electric toothbrush. I notice the difference and so does my dentist....but whiter? That would be more influenced by choice of toothpaste IMO.
I recently changed my electric toothbrush from one I'd had for a few years to a new Braun model - because it was 1/2 price, cost me £80.

I didn't change my toothpaste, which is Colgate Advanced White, but after about two weeks I noticed my teeth were whiter and I actually had two people separately ask me if I'd had my teeth whitened.
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Thanks for all your replies, some conflicting views there.

I'm going to buy one anyway but was a little confused.
electric toothbrushes are excellent but dont buy one with over the top features (gimmicks) and only bleaching will whiten teeth (professionally)
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Tooth Whitening Electric Toothbrush

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