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Are you expecting a "Home Emergency" over Christmas?

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AB Editor | 11:53 Fri 03rd Dec 2010 | Home & Garden
23 Answers
With the bad and unpredictable weather over the last few weeks some may be worried about various problems in the home caused by bad weather. This can include things like burst pipes, flooded or blocked drains, electricity failure, unforeseen damage to the roof (partly caused by the wind) or a heating failure. Considering recent weeks, we ask:

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Are you expecting a "Home Emergency" over Christmas?

  • No - 28 votes
  • 76%
  • Yes - 9 votes
  • 24%

What kind of home emergency do you expect?

  • Heating Problems - 7 votes
  • 50%
  • Burst Pipes or Flooding - 5 votes
  • 36%
  • Electricity Problems - 1 vote
  • 7%
  • Damage to Windows, Roof etc - 1 vote
  • 7%

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ha ha if I expected it it wouldn't be an emergency now would it?
I have to say yes as my boiler has broken this morning!! :-(
Question Author
Fair point, but I think you catch my meaning.

It updates every 5 minutes by the way (before someone mentions it!)
but chelle, did you expect it to?
its not updated

sorry but i couldn't resist, its the big red button syndrome
I'm expecting unforeseen damage on the 11th of December.
Question Author
I am certain you can expect something bad to happen - but you might not know what exactly... But even then you might have a hunch.

I think I am appealing to the spirit of the pessimist?

Spare Ed
I'm not expecting one Ed but I have to be prepared just in case.
A Power Cut would probably be the most likely but I'll keep my fingers crossed that it does not happen.
I hope not - we've had the roof done, reasonably new boiler, etc.!

Cheery soul, this morning, aren't you Ed? ;-)
My boiler packed up last winter :-(

I smashed the window in the pantry so it's freezing out there :-(

As long as my car doesn't die I'll be fine....
Yesterday, I got a text from my Home Insurance company urging me to keep my boiler ticking over to prevent 'freezes'...........!!! :o)
My dishwasher died on Christmas Day last year, that was pretty much the end of the world. I think it took me two days to do the washing up.

Our boiler is on its last legs and works when it wants. I am permanently frozen.

And I have a "home emergency" every time the FH decides to cook!
lol woofgang, you're right I wasn't, it was only serviced 4 weeks ago, but i am now expecting it to be more trouble than it seems - the spirit of the pessimist eh Ed?
the only problem i get is snow coming off the roof and caving the steggesses car roof in, it has happened already this week and her driver side wing mirror has broken off
As far as I know I'm okay...........but I do have emergency call-out insurance cover.
How can you expect an emergency? If you expect it, it's not an emergency. If it's an emergency, you don't expect it! What a stupid question.
My fourth Grandchild is due a few days after Christmas, so who knows??
No ... slipping A-over-T whilst feeding the birds is about as ''emergency'' as I'm likely to get.
I'm not answering - why tempt fate?
Mice have moved into my loft space, not happy about this!! Pest control are dealing with my "Home Emergency".

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Are you expecting a "Home Emergency" over Christmas?

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