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Down filled quilt/throw/blanket plum coloured

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frostyspecs | 00:46 Fri 03rd Dec 2010 | Home & Garden
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About three years back I bought this throw from the Telegraph as a under blanket for my elderly horse sadly she died last year (34) so the throw went with her to the grave. I would like to buy anotherb but cannot find it on the Telegraph site. Has anybody seen it or know where I could buy another the size was only approx 5`x5` and was was very light weight in a plum coloured silky material made in 6" approx squa. MTIA


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Just ask the knackerman to return it, they dont incinerate blankets.
Bit insensitive there jaydah. Frosty you could try Dunelm Mills, B&Q, or even ebay. Don't think Laura Ashley have this dark a colour but not sure. Good luck x
I have a plum woollen throw which I bought from Homebase a couple of years ago - worth looking, they still have those sort of colourways in stock.
JD they dont incinerate all horses , cant help you with the throw frosty, mine was laid on his outside rug then covered with his night rug xx
This site has down filled blankets, but not in the colour you want: http://www.overstock..../2682709/product.html
Worth a look.

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Down filled quilt/throw/blanket plum coloured

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