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Double Glazing / UVPC Cost Question - Wigan / Leigh Area

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FieryP125 | 16:29 Fri 03rd Dec 2010 | Home & Garden
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Anyone got any estimates for prices in the above area - don't really want to get a load of people pricing it up and then having pain in the ar*e sales men harrassing me.

Just wanted an idea of the cost first.

Also is it better to wait until spring / summer - does the cost go down then for installation?

I would be looking at a front door, side door and 7 windows.

Was thinkin gof maybe just getting the fron tof the house done first - recommended? Just from a cost persepctive


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Cost always depends on the amount of work and materials and therefore if you divide those up you also divide the cost into stages. Like promises of a heating system with X radiators, counting the number of windows is utterly meaningless because much depends on their size and also any opening parts.
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What figures would we be talking though?
Quite a lot depends on the state of competition in your area and what type of glass you want installed (thermally reflective, toughened or bog standard). Most of all, the information you give is inadequate to state anything that is not going to be heavily qualified and of very little help/accuracy.
Hi, I live in Preston, Lancashire. I have new double glazing installed within the past 3 weeks (well worth it). Front Door, Back Door, Living Room Window, split into 3 with two side openers with the same above (semi detached). At the back, kitchen window with a top opener and bedroom again split into 3 with two side openers. Also, door into the side of the garage with a window (no openers). Bathroom window (opens from the bottom out). So, 3 doors and 6 windows. Brown on the outside with white on the inside. Chrome handles outside and inside on all 3 doors with white handles on the windows inside. Total cost £3,440. Excellent workman who I would recommend. I had a quote 18 months ago for £3,900. I am totally satisfied with the workmanship. He was recommended by the man who fitted my central heating who used this guy for his own window installation. Use someone who your friends or workmen recommend. I have deliverated for more than 18 months because I was scared or being ripped off.

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Double Glazing / UVPC Cost Question - Wigan / Leigh Area

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