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greenfly on roses

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stonekicker | 17:35 Mon 24th May 2010 | Home & Garden
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i have just noticed that my lovely patio rosebush is infested with greenfly. is there a natural remedy for this, or are their other products you would recommend? mtia x


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Washing up liquid diluted in a spray bottle, leave for a couple of minutes and then hose off.
Plant a clove of Garlic alongside the will put into the compost/soil a 'chemical' which when absorbed by the rose bush will ward-off greenfly.....and as a reward you'll grow a full bulb of garlic to use in the kitchen.

Great tip vivandorron
Hi Brenden....Your Avatar, which is very clear on my comp.,suggests that you have a liking for roses. Keep blossoming on AB....and try-out the garlic.

a quick remedy is to spray it with weak soapy water - might do the trick 'till the garlic gets going

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greenfly on roses

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