Instructions for gas barbecue anyone?

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Sausagegirl | 20:56 Tue 26th May 2009 | Home & Garden
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Evening all,
Has anyone bought a Richmond 3 burner gas barbecue from Argos or Homebase lately?
If so, do you have a set of instructions that you could either scan in and email, or, for a fee, photocopy and post to me?
I got mine from a factory shop and it had no instructions and the Argos flunkeys are refusing to send me a set because i had the nerve not to buy it from them.


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What bit do you need to understand how it works?
These things have so very few moving parts, you may be able to manage without instructions.
Is this your first barbecue?

Make sure you turn it on to full heat for about 5 minutes before you start cooking and leave it on another 5 minutes after you have finished.

If you need help assembling it, sorry I can't help.
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Yup, our first gas barbecue.
There is a part on it and we can't work out what it's for or where it goes!
it's a square metal lid-type thing with a prong thing on each side that looks like it should slot in somewhere but it has us flummoxed!

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Instructions for gas barbecue anyone?

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