grade of oil for my petrol lawnmower

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packadarm | 20:53 Tue 26th May 2009 | Home & Garden
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What grade of mortar oil I can use for my 4 stroke petrol lawnmower.And can I convert petrol mower from pull cord starter to quick key start and can I buy the kit for the conversion


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Most 4 strokes require SAE30 oil. For a reason I don't claim to understand, multigrades with codings such as 10W-30 are said not to be suitable. However that may be just marketing type to ensure all all buy SAE30 in expensive small packages, not tip a little multigrade from a 5 litre tin.
As to whether you can convert a mower to electric start, it will depend on whether an electric start version of your model is made - trying to construct an interface from stratch is abit of an engineering job. Then you are going to have to buy all the parts at 'spare part prices' mark-up of x hundred percent.
Personally I wouldn't attempt it but would buy another mower with electric start.
Cant even begin to think of the hassle of fitting battery,starter motor , relays, electrics etc.. There are mowers out there with electric start systems, they would be a much better option.
Why are you considering this? problems starting or just the physical side of it ??? one little trick is to squirt a drop of fuel straight into the air cleaner / carb should fire first time.

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grade of oil for my petrol lawnmower

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