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naomi24 | 22:41 Tue 26th May 2009 | Home & Garden
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I'm thinking of swapping my washing machine and tumble dryer for a combined washer/dryer. I don't know anything about them, and I'm not sure I should do this, so I'd be interested in your opinions. Advice on performance/make/model would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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I had one ages ago it was ok ,but when it died
I bought a drier and washer ..cheaper to run
but the best option is the line in the garden .

the problem,unless anybody can tell me different,is that, if anything goes wrong you've lost the use of washer and dryer.
i had to use a combine one at work for coveralls,they are not as good as a separate tumble drier,the creasing is bad and they are not vented like most separate machines, they use a condensing system which uses runining cold water ,so your wasting water as well
I had one and I don't think they're as good as two seperate machines. Mine was an Indesit one (can't remember model) and broke down within 3 years of having it, caught on fire and (like deggers says) left everything very creased. They don't seem to have as big a drum as a tumble drier by itself. I would never get one again.
I had one of these a few years ago. After the first couple of times using the drier bit I didn't like it. The clothes didn't dry as I liked them and everything had to be super ironed. I wasted my money really as I hardly ever used the drier function.
Other than what has been also mentioned; you can't of course dry one load while washing another so if you're a family washing takes longer.
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Thanks so much for your answers. I think you've convinced me to stick with what I have. Many thanks.
Only good thing is to save space but as you clearly have enough room it's not an issue.
i have both - or all 3! a washer, a drier and a washer drier all hotpoint and all good models (expensive models). By comparison the separate machines are better by far, if buying new ones now i would definately have a washer and a drier.
I would also recommend you stick with separate washer and dryer.

you must have seen the amount of fluff that builds up in a dryer, can you imagine what that does when it starts getting into the water pipes and filters in a combined washer dryer.

I used to be forever clearing blockages in peoples combo units.
I tried a washer/drier (condenser) I hated it and went back to separate items , much better!
I have never used a combined system but I believe the biggest problem is that they cannot dry as much as they can wash so you need to remove about half the was and dry it in 2 goes.
As mentioned above the drum is much too small for a drier
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Wow! So many reasons NOT to buy one - and none of them occurred to me, so I'm very pleased I asked the question before buying one. I'll definitely be sticking with what I have. Very many thanks for your help everyone.

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