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Aquavac Super 30 vacuum cleaner

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pinkcloud | 03:21 Mon 17th Nov 2008 | Home & Garden
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I have an Aquavac Super 30 vacuum cleaner which is said to work on wet and dry. Originally I purchased it to work on wet but there were no instructions for working on wet and despite extensive efforts I have never been able to obtain them.

It's a terrific vacuum cleaner but long since obsolete and I would still like it to work on wet.

Can anyone help with the instructions please?


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these people might be able to help you. Its not listed but it states to ring them so maybe worth a go. good luck. ers/aquavac/super30
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Thanks thelewisgang

Unfortunately, they weren't able to help.

The vacuum cleaner is long since obsolete and the manufacturer changed hands so I think my only hope is if somebody still owns one and has the instructions.


It is important to remove the filter so that you can see a plastic ball in the filter cage, in use when you suck up water the plastic ball rises and cuts off the suction this is the time to switch off empty the container and start again, this is the bare bones of the instructions but do give an appreciation of how it works, if you need more detail come back.

I own one of these AquaVac Super 30 vacuums.  Did you ever obtain instructions for it?  I have a rather basic copy which I could copy and send you.


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Aquavac Super 30 vacuum cleaner

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