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Elecronic rat/mouse repellent

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Im a BusyBee | 00:25 Mon 17th Nov 2008 | Home & Garden
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ive just heard noises in the lounge ceiling/bedroom floor!!
Has anyone successfully used one of these electronic things? If so what make did you use and did you buy it online?


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hi i used them to get rid of rats and am still using them to keep them away. One in each bed room and one in the loft. Got them on amazon. hope it helps. Oh put lots of poison in the loft too.
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thanks for your answer - i hardly dare to look in case you said they were a waste of money! ive ordered 2 from amazon they will be here tomorrow so hopefully get it sorted. do they scarper instantly or do they take a while to go?
Without trying to sound facetious, get a cat. If you can't or won't, I found the best method (apart from the cat) was cheap 50p mouse traps baited with Nutella, all the 'humane' methods were a waste of time and money.

They're fab, BusyBee! The only thing that worked with the squirrels in our loft.
Did you make it to see Paul Weller eventually? x
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yes i did bath, he was brill but i felt soooo rough! Hubby wouldnt let me stay at home! im glad i went now but at the time i was struggling.
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and blackthorn i have a cat but its no good in this situation
-- answer removed --
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thats a matter of opinion!
Hi BusyBee- have they arrived yet?

Just to be clear re knono's point- i didn't say Weller is past it- i said i didn't like his latest album :-) xxx

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Elecronic rat/mouse repellent

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