Do vertical blinds and cats go together? Conservatory

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mustgetalife | 13:41 Thu 29th Mar 2007 | Home & Garden
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Hi, I was planning to get some vertical blinds for my conservatory. I have venetian blinds up at various windows at the moment and 1 of my 4 cats has chewed the string on parts of the venetian blinds so that the slats have fallen onto each other in places.

I mentioned to my sister about vertical blinds and she said that the bottom 10" would end up as fur magnets with the cats weaving in and out of them and leaving their fur everywhere. My cats love sitting in there looking out of the window so I can imagine they'll be messing about a bit.

Another query is what to do with the double door opening? The vertical blinds would have to be pulled to the sides when wanting to use the doors, yet that's the main place where the sun shines through. Would it look silly having a mixture of blinds in there? Can anybody suggest anything good as a solution.


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Perfect Fit Blinds may be suitable. This style of blind sits within a frame which is secured to the window frame. You can view a range of Perfect Fit Blinds here

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Do vertical blinds and cats go together? Conservatory

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