how much electricity does a dishwasher use?

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what..the? | 12:09 Thu 29th Mar 2007 | Home & Garden
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Due to extremely high elect bills (3X what they should be) I have been trying to note down the meter readings as much as possible to see what is happening.

I looked yesterday morning and again this morning and the reading has jumped up massively compared to previous days. We were out all day yesterday and then in the evening had a couple of lights tv and microwave etc....but we also used the dishwaster.

It is an old model zanussi dishwasher I do not know exactly how old as it is a rented property but it cannot pre-date 1995 as thats when the house was built.

Could an old dishwasher be highly inefficent, has anyone had the same problem??? How much is standard usage for a dishwasher, anyone know?


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Thanks for that pea pod, I actually use edf so that is even more useful.

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how much electricity does a dishwasher use?

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