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edw | 11:09 Sat 13th May 2006 | Home & Garden
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Have just been told that the flood in my cellar is due to groundwater. Does anyone know what the implications of this might be for both the structure of the house plus will it affects its resale value?

How do I deal with this problem? Can it be rectified or remedied?

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If "due to groundwater" means the water table has risen in your area (quite common) then your basement is in effect sitting in a pond. If it means that an underground stream has appeared around you, or that stormwater from the surface is affecting you, then these can often be diverted. If you do not know, then in any event your basement can be tanked from the inside to make it dry. There are many specialist ways to do this so look through Yellow Pages or Google and get various firms to submit a solution and price. If a stream has appeared then you could suffer structural damage and settlement from scouring, if it is rising water table you are unlikely to suffer structural damage.

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