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Any Re-Upholsterers / Sofa Repairers Here?

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barry1010 | 15:30 Mon 04th Mar 2024 | Home & Garden
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My sofas sprung seats that have lost their spring.  I have contacted two companies and both will repair by removing the cage of springs and replacing with foam.

Is this the best / right way to add life to my sofas?  They are in good condition otherwise.

Is foam as good as springs these days?




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I have no idea but personally doubt it. 


I think you may be asking too early in the year. You need someone who can work in the Spring.

Live a little, get a new sofa 🤔

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I had a problem with my armchair a while ago.

A few of the springs had snapped completely.  These springs ran from the front to the back of the chair seat, so they were quite long and the sag caused by them snapping was quite noticable.

A guy came out to my house and undid the fabric from the underside of the chair and he stapled some webbing across where the springs were.  He put plenty in ..... you can't even tell it was faulty.

I think he charged me £50 ..... one happy bunny  :)

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These are more like the springs in a mattress, in a sort of cage, but seems as if you got a good bargain there, Giz.

Do you have a Next-Door in your area Barry. If you have check there?

barry, It's impossible to say without seeing it but coil springs (if that's what they are) don't break. One traditional system is for webbing which is about 5cm wide to be tacked to the bottom of the chair frame - front to back & side to side and then the springs are stiched to them with strong twine the tops are then covered with hessian and then a layer of horse hair (nowadays coir fibre) for stuffing

Sometime the webbing perishes, the spring collapses and the webs need replacing.

Am I talking sense? or is it a different system? 

You don't say how old your sofa is but there will probably be someone in the area who repairs vintage or antique furniture. 

^^^ forgot to say that I would prefer the repair with springs  to foam replacement.

I had this happen, Barry and I just bought some sofa  boards to go under the cushions.  They lasted me until I got shot of the sofa.  Mind you, I am interested in this because our main sofa feels a bit squishy to me and Mr BM is adamant it is OK.  (he likes the sofa and is reluctant to part with it).

Quality Vintage furniture should be repaired like for like,  if they have no intrinsic value but are just nice comfy furniture you like too much to replace then a board and foam repair is fine but will not last as long.  I dabble in a bit of upholstery  for the fun of it ( just 're did my grandfather's favourite chair so it  worked in my sitting room) and in your situation would find someone to do it  with replacement webbing and springs, and maybe just upgrading the overstuffing to a modern fire retardant padding at the same time. 

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My sofas are 13 years old, still in fabulous condition apart from the springs.  Impossible to use sofa boards as there are no removable cushions.  These springs are in a cage, similar to a pocket sprung mattress.  They are not the sort that you describe, Giz and Khandro.

Thanks for all the replies, still mulling over the options.  

Barry, I served my apprentice ship as an Upholsterer, taking out the spring unit and replacing with foam is just a bodge, surely there must be someone in your area that can do the job correctly?. Will foam last as long? doubt it, you should get many years from a good spring unit.  its the same as with a mattress I would expect a pocket sprung one to outlast a memory foam one by years

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I shall keep looking 

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Any Re-Upholsterers / Sofa Repairers Here?

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