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Power Cuts - Any Experience?

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Barmaid | 01:21 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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For about 6 months we have been experiencing random power cuts.  Up to 6 or 7 in day from anything from a few seconds up to a couple of hours.  We have had 10 power cuts in the last 2 days.

We (and many of the people also affected) have complained to UK Power although their response has been akin to a chocolate tea-pot.

Has anyone else experienced this and how did you deal with it?  We are making multiple complaints to UK Power, Ofgem are being contacted, as is our MP.  



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When you say we and many of the people affected, how widespread is the problem? A number of households? 

Does everyone still report each and every power cut? 

UK Power only sell you the electricity. National Grid (Western Power for me) is responsible for its delivery.

e.g. phone 0800 6783 105

We've had no power cuts for a long time.

bloomin eck! we just had a 30 sec power cut - spooky!

Contact the National Grid (phone no. 105) and ask if they are aware of the power outage.


I suspect you are in a rural area where power losses are more prevalent – even so I would not expect regular short losses of power (less than a few seconds) unless someone is working on the power lines.

As far as I’m aware, once the power from the substation is tripped for some reason, it requires manual reset.

It may be that one electrical phase is going down for some reason, this will be evident in that only one in three properties is affected.

In rural Yorkshire Wolds we live like this.  Ancient systems & loads of short cuts - a couple of seconds maybe, but they mean everything has to be re-set.  Fed up of it.  A tree came down on a line a few weeks ago and that was about 5 hrs..  Worst has been v. recent - went off at 9 p.m. and stayed  off  until day. Nothern Powerhouse sent a hot food van around and issued emergency blankets and hot-water bottles.  We'v e just received a cheque from them for £100 in compensation - about 13,000 houses over a wide area.

I meant to add that we keepp plenty of candles and  matches handy, but I also bought 3 LED camping lights.  One each for moving around and one static in whichever room we are  in.  They are very effective.

On new year's eve I believed we had a problem even though the power was on. I telephoned Northern Powergrid general help line and they sent two men out within 4 hours.  All sorted, excellent service.  Try your areas Powergrid you may get a better response.

powercuts - that's shocking....

A colleague of mine who has a property in a remote part of Yorkshire has installed a standby generator.  They are not that expensive but require a qualified electrician to wire the change-over switching.

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Power Cuts - Any Experience?

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