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Another "New Flat" Question

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NoseyNose | 13:04 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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I feel a bit guilty of making AB into a shopping service!LOL

My saucepan set must be 20 years old(or more) and the non stick surface has is almost worn nout, so I feel I need a new set for my new flat?

What do you think of these.I trust all you perceptive AB'ers,to approve or not. User Recommendation

Thank You~Gordon.



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On Amazon. Carote pan set 3 to 13 pieces Stove top or oven use. 
13:40 Wed 14th Feb 2024

We've had very expensive pans and the handles and knobs still get loose or become unattached entirely.

We are happy enough with our M&S and Tefal middle of the road pans these days

and a septuagenarian aint gonna be bothered if they'll last for 20+ years!

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Can I just point out,the £180 set was misdirection link from Amazon! I don't have any intention of buying anything at that price!LOL

Thank You all anyway for your ideas,they are most welcome.

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Barsel asked,Gordon, did you decide about an air fryer or slow cooker?

I think that given that the new kitchen is quite small(but very well equiped),and just literally off of the sitting room, a slow cooker might allow cooking smells into the room?

I am still deliberating on an air fryer,there are lots of work surfaces in the kitchen,so one would not take up much space.I have been  looking on YouTube for hints,but I really need a practical test,with a real human being.

I shall ask around the flat complex(when I move in),and see if any residents can give me lessons?LOL

How about Tesco, Asda, TKMax?

Anything cooking, by any method will smell in your living area, especially with no door.

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The kitchen does have a very efficient extractor fan system,but I don't want to risk it with smells from a slow cooker?


"How about Tesco, Asda, TKMax?"

For saucepans?

In my experience, you get very little cooking smells from a slow cooker since the thing is left (sealed) to its own devices for several hours.

I cook a fair amount - as to pans etc, I have

2 frying pans, one ridged and the other plain

a set of three steamers

a rack of four saucepans

two Le Creuset casseroles of different size and age

One large sauté pan with lid

two Le Creuset sauté dishes - great for small veg roasting.

One essential that I would not be without, I would say, is my moulin - great for purées, soups etc and, ultimately, a back-up sieve.

apart from le Creuset, my two main brands are Raymond Blanc for saucepans and M&S for my frying pans.

If you've already got an oven, you'll get far more use from a slow cooker...well that's my opinion. I've got both and still prefer my slow cooker. It's perfect for budget cuts like belly pork. I made gorgeous beef cheeks yesterday...can't do that in an airfyer. Also...any smells from the slow cooker are appetite inducing. 😋

This is my baby slow cooker...I've had it about 5 years and it's still going strong. Other sizes are available. User Recommendationref=sr_1_9?crid=35FG05337TFLU&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.r9fybydrFl8TQ9LhPMkQtkecRyOcbHYhZ8Dv1Wd7WYFo51Xx2T7-SbGFn4BfupmFHEJWWLS6DprJ0K1Zu9r5G9zamzNpmW5Z2xOiA3aza4P--9RmDoP12vg4Wdhr0QAi-q9gKIi-e7vC8k33a0SwkBz2fI77E5HPeS7vwzaRYa5AMPu9epNIHCZ_1RjoiQOhjuJX3RJ7bUuKprA1fDejDjnIH1PAZK4hzZDlw5d7Avk.1O2wVorxJ71zo4_ofIPnF-DM3MauiGqV8hzlZYhclEE&dib_tag=se&keywords=crock%2Bpot%2Bslow%2Bcooker&qid=1707942872&s=kitchen&sprefix=Crock%2Ckitchen%2C221&sr=1-9&th=1

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I have 5 pieces(including two very large) Le Creuset casserole pots.

Sadly, due to age and some infirmity,I cannot lift them now(even when empty) I bought them when I was 25,and they have done me proud,but I think it's time for a (lighter) change?


I have seriously thought of a slow cooker,but given what I eat,and cook,I have had to discount that(sorry).

I am still considering an air fryer,but will wait to make a decision on that till I can find someone(in the sheltered building) who can give me real time lessons, on how to REALLY cook with one.


Thanks for the info slow cookers.I am about 80% veggie now,so unless a slow cooker is good for a low meat diet it wouldn't benefit me.Are they good for Veggie dishes?

Thank You very much for all the advice and suggestions,they have got my brain thinking a good deal,not bad for 76! LOL

I WILL let you know what I decide(eventually) so don't be impatient!

From the kitchen of the undecided Gordon.


My slow cooker doesn't give off smells. A close fitting lid is essential to the functionality of any slow cooker.

Slow cookers are good for any ingredients. Excellent for veggie curries/casseroles...meatless chilli...soups. And clean up is ridiculously easy.

Here's some recipes to get you thinking...

Edit...being 80% veggie means a slow cooker is an even better choice.

Microwave ?

I agree with others about the smell from a slow cooker, you will get more smells from frying, although I don't know about smells from an air fryer as I haven't got one.

The smells I don't like are greasy smells, but as you don't put oils or fats in a slow cooker you don't get greasy smells.

If you decide on a slow cooker, get the one with the aluminium bowl as the ceramic ones are very heavy.

I got this one as I wanted one that was big enough to put a large chicken in. They do a smaller one as well.

Sorry, that link is the wrong one. I'll try to find one that works.

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