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What Are These Curtains Called?

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NoseyNose | 01:24 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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I want to buy some new curtains(for my Sheltered Housing flat)for when I move in in March,but I don't know what name to search for them under(On Amazon,Argos etc).

The poles are already there.The curtains are those ones with big metal rings punched through the top hem, and you just push the pole through,and hang the curtains.

I am sorry that I can't explain it better,I hope you get the picture(or rather the curtains!LOL)

Thank You~Gordon.




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Gordon, if you mean this type, they are called eyelet curtains.

Pencil pleat curtains have metal rings at the top (and which aren't actually part of the curtains)

. . . whereas eyelet curtains have rings which are embedded into the tops of the curtains

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Thank You

Barsel & Buenchico for your suggestions.

I will look at them in the morning,and let you know what I decide on.

If you need help with how to measure for curtains, there's info here.,to%20the%20next%20full%20number.

Easier to watch the video.😀


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Thanks,the video is most helpful!

You're very welcome.

I recommend Dunhelm for the widest selection of shapes, sizes and colours. 

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Maydup,and all who answered.

I have always had good quailty,and value from Dunelm.

I think that I have decided on this pattern:~

The walls etc in the flat are very neutral, pale grey,beige,so a bit bland.I wanted to inject some colour into the scheme, but not be overbearing,and as the flat complex is surrounded by farmland,I though a country flower motif would be good?

What do you think?

Thanks again,but I think that I am turning AB unto a shopping service?LOL


They are lovely and light and cheerful. Good that they are black out too and effective in the summer. 

You're making me think about buying some now and I don't really need them.

I'm liking these.

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What Are These Curtains Called?

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