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melv16 | 19:40 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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What variety of peas do farmers grow? They seem to grow them without any plant supports, which, as an allotment gardener appeals to me. 



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Birds Eye! ðŸ˜‚

Sugar Ann - Sweet little peas grow on bushy, compact plants and are ready in just 55 days!

Sugar Snap - The classic, original snap pea. 5-6 foot vines yield lots of crunchy sweet peas in 66 days.

Sugar Daddy - You can have whatever you like, as long as it’s heavy yields of big, crunchy sweet snap peas borne at the top of conveniently-sized 2-3 foot tall plants.

Sugar Magnolia - Bright purple snap peas! Beautiful and delicious.


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Thanks for the reply,  tilly.  You seem quite the expert on peas😁

Tilly farms 300 acres of them.

what happened to peaspeculiar?

Have to admit I'm less keen on sweet varieties of pea. It's supposed to be a vegetable not a dessert. Are less sweet varieties available ?

Tried growing peas last year. They grew a few inches then they decided on suicide.

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