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mallyh | 13:28 Mon 09th Oct 2023 | Home & Garden
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just curious, my question is, do you still  do ironing ? 



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I am so very, very lucky.  Mr J2 does the ironing.  Began life in the Merchant Navy. When he left QE11  sent him a personally signed  letter asking him to serve her personally in the Army for a couple of years.  During that time his mum remarried a chap who ran - a launderette!!!!  Guess how he spent his leaves?Yes, he  does the ironing.  Not too good at frills and...
21:36 Mon 09th Oct 2023

Only if I have too!

Himself does his own ironing and I tend to buy as much as possible that I can get away without ironing - except my fav dungarees are linen and need an iron after every wear!

I will iron my best shirt if i'm going to a 'do' and i always iron my jeans after they've been washed. Other than that, very rarely. I hang my T-shirts on the washing line on coat-hangers and what few creases remain tend to disappear from body heat. 

I stopped ironing years ago when Mr Lottie retired and stopped wearing smart shirts.  Now rely on a quick tumble dry to release creases on the washed clothes and fold or hang up as necessary.  Never have ironed bedding etc.  Like Red none of my clothes need ironing and he's mainly a scruff!!  Scrubs up well though, but only when he has to.  I want some dungarees Red.  I wore them back in the 80s.

Your my type of man Ken.  Mr L says he's not a scruff, just intensely casual!

Not if I can help it 😂 most of our clothes are casual and don't need it. Anything that really needs ironing my son does when he comes over. I have a bad back which means standing too long is difficult 

Some people actually like ironing.  I can't understand that!

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i must be nuts then lol as i iron everything except socks and pants x

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next to cleaning the oven ironing is my no2 hate x

I'm basically intensly casual too.  I hate dressing up.  

I am ashamed to say I haven't ironed anything since Mr F died 6 years ago The last thing I ironed was a white shirt, he had made me promise many years ago that if he went before me - I would make sure he as looking smart when he went to meet his maker.

Then don't do it Mally.  Or do as little as possible.  

I don't even iron my bed linen - take it in off the line - give it a blast in the tumbler and then fold it up and put weight like towels other bedding on top of it!

Nothing to be ashamed about Mally.  Ironing is a complete waste of time IMHO.

Not much any more. When I wore a uniform I always pressed it and ironed my shirts.Now most is drip dry on the line eccept when I go to a wedding/ funeral/christening/retirement do/reunion and I pull out the 3-piece suit and run the iron over the sleeves and trouser creases.

If my memory serves me correctly I do own an iron but it's very much retired now.

Same here Red!  Mr L and ì do fold sheets and duvet covers though both holding the corners  an giving them a good pull.

I used to iron Mr Ls uniform shirts and sons school shirts.  Son's  an intensely casual man too.  I dont think they have ever possessed an iron.  He got married in casual clothes!

I tumble dry everything so much of it doesn't need ironing.  However business shirts and, as RH says, linen items have to be ironed - and I have a steam press for bedding, table cloths etc - much easier for large items than an ordnary iron.  

I meant ferlew not Mally!

Please explain what "ironing" is. 😉

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