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mallyh | 13:28 Mon 09th Oct 2023 | Home & Garden
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just curious, my question is, do you still  do ironing ? 



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I am so very, very lucky.  Mr J2 does the ironing.  Began life in the Merchant Navy. When he left QE11  sent him a personally signed  letter asking him to serve her personally in the Army for a couple of years.  During that time his mum remarried a chap who ran - a launderette!!!!  Guess how he spent his leaves?Yes, he  does the ironing.  Not too good at frills and...
21:36 Mon 09th Oct 2023
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hope your wife doesn't see your answer lol x

Stopped ironing years ago when I was studying for my masters degree, and was desperately short of time to fit everything in, when a friend pointed out that they never bothered ironing and it was ok. So it was the main task dropped. Never looked back I guess. Yes sure, ironed stuff is great, but is it really worth the weekly effort ?

Because I have very sensitive skin I have to wear cotton/ linen clothing. I don't iron my tee shirts but have to iron my shirts. I also like to see ironed pillow cases on the beds.

I only like soft cotton clothing, so lots of cotton Jersey.  I can't stand crisp cotton next to my skin.  Cotton Jersey gets tumbled after drying and as long as is hung up or folded corrected doesn't need ironing..  I used to wear linen trousers but not now.


Basically these days I only wear casual clothing.  I'm happy being scruffy! 

Dont worry mallyh, she doesnt do any either!

Not even sure where the iron is to be honest.  Got a real posh ironing board all its good for is gathering dust in the Utility room.

Not much.

I iron his short sleeved cotton or linen shirts, and his jeans, he never wears long sleeved formal shirts. And my cotton or linen items, and, err, that's it. I wear jeggins so they don't get ironed.

I've never ironed sheets, pillow cases, tea towels, towels, undies, t shirts, polo shirts. I can't remember the last time I used a people still use them?

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