Smart Meter Include Standing Charge

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DarceyK123 | 19:11 Fri 20th May 2022 | Home & Garden
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Took the plunge and got smart meter fitted.

Just wondering if the accumulated total on the screen is the figure i pay or is there anything else to add like a standing charge or is it all included?


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usage that you see, then plus standing charge, then plus vat.
Yes. The standing charge is added on daily, at midnight, irrespective of whether you're using any gas/electricity or not.
On my (edf) smart meter, the usage so far today cost shown on the IHD includes the daily standing charge and the VAT at 5%.
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So whatever is showing on my meter is what i will have to pay?
^^^ Yup. Should be.
yes, but then plus the standing charge, and then plus VAT.
A bit contradictory, these answers.
^^^ Agreed, Hoppy!

I stand by my answers above. See "I've been away from home . . . ", here on the British Gas website, for confirmation that the standing charge is added to the costs shown on a smart meter daily:

See 'Do smart meters show standing charges?' here for an answer that appears to cover all energy suppliers:
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Thanks for all your answers, confusing isnt it?

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Smart Meter Include Standing Charge

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