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pipdawg | 18:53 Sat 21st May 2022 | Home & Garden
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I have bought an electric grass trimmer from Aldi. It's the Ferrex Electric Grass Trimmer F-ERT 450-1 UK. Aldi don't seem to stock replacement spools and, at the moment, I can't find anyone else who does either. Has anyone got any idea where I could get some from?


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yes try coreservice
Not knowing the strimmer, if its possible to get the spool out you might be able to just rewind it with suitable strimmer line - comes in different thicknesses. I think this takes 1.3mm
You've discovered the big disadvantage of buying Aldi-only (or Lidl-only) equipment...getting spare parts can be nigh impossible (and-if possible- often involves contacting German suppliers directly).
I’d agree with Tuvok, as long as the line retaining eyes on the reel are not broke. Don’t by the stuff Poundland sells, it breaks rather than cutting grass.
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Struggling to find it at coreservice at the moment
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Tuvok - been on the Einhell site and I can't see the spool. I think buying the line might be a plan - and hopefully cheaper. You're right. It is 1.3mm
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Looks like you've hit the nail on the head, gingejbee. Thought I'd got a bargain at less than £30. So far, it's a really good strimmer though
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Thanks for the tip, Hymie
I find that Lidl tools are pretty good quality. Strimmer line is relatively cheap to buy if you can ascertain the size you need. It can be difficult to remove the old spool, but that applies whether you are trying to replace it or refill it.
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Thanks Atheist. Yes - I think buying the line and wrapping it around the provided spool is the way to go. It's quite straightforward getting the spool out of this particular machine. Line is much cheaper than spools already with the line on so I'm going to buy some and give it a go
make sure you get the line diameter right (i.e. the thickness of the plastic 'string'.

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Ferrex Replacement Spools

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