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barry1010 | 13:19 Fri 19th Nov 2021 | Home & Garden
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I fitted an extractor fan in my relative's home 15 years ago and now the motor has failed - it sounds as if it is grinding a bag of marbles.
I can't get over to her house to fix it and have been trying to book a repair person.

I have phoned several companies and they will all quote the call out charge and labour fee but not the price of the replacement motor. Apparently, the engineer won't know what is needed until he has inspected it. I can understand that to a point - if I wanted the motor fixing or didn't know what the problem was but I just want a replacement motor.

It is all very frustrating. Am I being unreasonable?


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I would think it unlikely that you find a motor for a 15 year old fan
An engineer can't tell what is requred without looking at the unit. It could just need a new bearing or a complete new unit. So these quotes seem ok to me.
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Margo, there are plenty available, genuine and new :)
Deriter, I have made it clear that I don't want the motor repairing, I want it replaced.
That's good Barry, I was just going by being told that's parts were no longer available for my old washing machine and dishwasher
I suspect the repair persons have plenty of experience of incorrect customer diagnoses, so it's understandable that they want to see the situation for themselves first.
May be easier to replace the whole unit. There quite cheap starting at under £30
It might not be the motor, just debris rattling on the fan blades.
Would your relative be able to remove it enough to poke a vacuum cleaner nozzle in?
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bob, have thought about replacing the whole thing but a new one might not fit or show unsightly marks on the tiles showing where the old one is.

Hopkirk, the fan is enclosed and the whole unit would have to be dismantled, beyond her ability, sadly.
I don't think you will find anyone who can or will replace the motor. That are not designed to be repaired. You will have to have the whole thing replaced. It shouldn't be hard to scrape the tiles clean, and perhaps put fresh sealant round the new one (if needed).

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