Wood And Metal Paint On Walls

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Kmell | 07:10 Tue 07th Sep 2021 | Home & Garden
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Hello, I have just moved into a new house and we have found out that the previous tenants have used wood and metal paint on the walls. We have struggled to get anything to stick to it. I was wondering what would be best to remove the wood and metal paint. Or is there a way to cover it?


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It's a problem that often comes up in one form or another.
You don't say, but I'm assuming it's painted plaster?
(If it's paper, covering with a good lining paper will sort it out before re-painting.)

There are plenty of multi-purpose sealers available, but if it's all your walls, then that would be expensive.
I've often just used PVA (Unibond is just one manufacturer.)

Dilute to around 5:1 (5 water to 1 PVA.)
A couple of coats should do it. (Leave to dry thoroughly.)
Considering that you can plaster over ceramic tiles and even glass if first prepared with PVA, then paint should hold.

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Wood And Metal Paint On Walls

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