Advice Please Re Loose Dogs

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GahWtaf2021 | 14:39 Tue 07th Sep 2021 | Home & Garden
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Can anyone provide a legal view on our neighbours dogs please?
We are one of eight properties set back from the road down a shared path, with open plan front gardens. Our front path and the path to our garden are both shared accessways, we cannot get to our front door or our garden without using these paths.
Our new neighbour who has two dogs refuses to put her dogs on a leash as she walks up from the garage block/footpath or is in her front garden which means the dogs run over other peoples gardens growling, jumping up, and barking at anyone they encounter. If a door is left open they will enter other peoples houses as they come up the path.
There are five cats living in the 'close' and the dogs will chase and terrorise any they spot. The dogs yap constantly through the window at everything they see or hear and generally disturb the peace.
I am at the end of my tether and wondering whether I can afford to move.
Incidentally, the neighbour has her own enclosed rear garden with direct access from her property via patio doors. She knows the dogs are a nuisance but has stated herself 'who cares if the neighbours don't like it?'
Any advice on how to address this gratefully received (We are in the UK) Thanks.


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Does she own the property or is she renting?
Would it be possible to get together with your other neighbours and sign a small petition asking if the dogs can be kept on leads when she is out with them?

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She owns her property, it is not rented.
Is there a leash law where you live
I think if they havent bitten anyone ( not cats, rats or bats) your options are limited.

I agree this is a neighbour dispute: I had a yellow labby, and the lady two doors up got the RSPCA out - -
who said- this yellow labby belongs to the house of the lawn it is sitting on, doesnt it?

Does it have to eat a baby before it is declared dangerous - I think the answer is yes
There are some good suggestions here:

Also, check your Title Register to the property - there may be covenants relating to the shared paths and open plan gardens.
I once heard of someone who was plagued by an uncontrolled dog regularly messing on his front garden. His solution was to leave some meat covered in laxative on his lawn. No, it wasn't me.
Step One - Get CCTV so that you can collect hard evidence for later.
Have you tried a dog ultra sonic repeller? Might deter them
If the dogs are sniffing on your property try sprinkling some pepper on the ground.
My dog is not allowed out of the garden unless on a leash. This is normal to me and, I think, the vast majority of dog owners. Most people take great pains to ensure that their dogs are not nuisances.
Your neighbour sounds to be very inconsiderate to say the least.

Pepper would, probably keep them off your lawn, but a small delegation of pleasant neighbours would also be a good start. Failing that, your local Parish Council would be reasonable and try to explain the problems being caused, with a little more weight behind them.

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Advice Please Re Loose Dogs

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