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tiggerblue10 | 16:44 Sun 16th May 2021 | Home & Garden
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My fitted wardrobes were assembled and fitted last week but I want them moved to another wall. Would this be difficult to do and would I need to get my builder back to do them?


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tiggs probably best to get them back. they know what they are doing presumably....
not suggesting you don't - but who would do it, if not them
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My builder is quite busy at the moment but I'm hoping his sons can come and do it.
get them in, it would be safer all round.
Changing your mind that quickly, you could really have done with free-standing ones. The degree of difficulty depends on the respective dimensions, and how they were "fitted". And yes the original fitters would probably be the best option (although not necessarily the cheapest).

Your best bet would be to contact IKEA Customer Services 020 3645 0000.
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Yeah, I know I messed up :o(
Ooops, bad luck tiggerblue.
Do you mean fitted, built in wardrobes? Are you sure they would fit on the different wall if they were made to measure the wall they were fitted to?
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They are fixed to the wall, Barry. I measured up and they will fit the other wall.
Fingers crossed you are lucky, not all fitted furniture survives being moved like that without problems.
I know it sounds crazy Tiggs, but free-standing wardrobes and doors are notoriously difficult to get right if you've never done it.
You'll end up with everything out of alignment, and doors swinging open.... etc etc.
Then you'll need to figure out how to fix them back to the wall again.
They'll be heavy too.

Worth waiting for them to come back :o)

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Hoping it will just be days work and I can get builder back. I've got 2-3 months before I move in so should get it done by then.
ikea furniture is notoriously bad for being taken apart and reassembled

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