Dishwasher Problem

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chessington | 07:23 Fri 07th May 2021 | Home & Garden
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Hi my dishwasher seems to make the crockery and glasses feel as if they are gritty, I am using all in one tablets, it never used to do this, can anyone help with advice please TIA


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replenish your rinse aid
This can be a number of things,
Check the filter for residue, make sure the detergent is the right amount, don't use a quick cycle for a large wash (many items) Stack the items correctly (manual on mine says this) make sure the spray arms ar clear and not blocked in any way, worth these check first, very expensive if they come out!! hope this helps.
All in one tablets are not ideal. A bit of a marketing ploy to pretend you can have it easy.

You must ensure that the rinse aid and salt dispensers are filled.

However my first check would be the filter, like Joe says.
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thank you

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Dishwasher Problem

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