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Limestone Fireplace

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MattA777 | 16:30 Thu 06th May 2021 | Home & Garden
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Anyone ever carried out major surgery on their stone fireplace?
We are contemplating replacing our naff Dimplex leccy unit with a wood log burner-snag is they are mostly too tall to fit....??
Think we have the width &depth and a chimney!


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how much do you care about the fireplace?
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My wife would not tolerate an amateur job on it....! bedknobs.
then my suggestions are to either buy a smaller wood burner or get a professional to do the job :)
Wives not tolerating stuff is territory to be avoided!
What are you actually asking? If you want a log burner fitted then get a professional in. You may have a chimney but it may not be suitable for a log burner and could even be blocked off.

Log burners ruin stone fireplaces.
or scrap the fireplace and get a new one
A log burner will probably need an inner tube fitted to line the chimney
Matt, unless your fire opening is unusually small, the height of the opening should be around 24" high.

Stovax make a burner that's 22". I'm sure there are others.
If the one you fancy doesn't fit, then just take the legs off. That will reduce it by around 4-5 inches.
^^^ Do not take the legs off a log burner!

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Limestone Fireplace

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